Who We Are

Who we are

It is clear there needs to be a dynamic and dramatic shift in Government thinking if we are to realise ambitious climate change targets. The Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group (NZ APPG) has been formed to:
“Secure a low carbon and clean industrial and economic future for the UK; embed zero carbon solutions and accelerate the UK’s commitment to deliver net zero growth and innovation AND a net zero carbon economy”
The Net Zero APPG provides a unique and dynamic forum for MPs and Peers of all parties to work collectively and make the case for urgent Government action to secure a low carbon future for the UK. We work to accelerate policy change, promote zero carbon solutions, support clean growth technology and ultimately embed the UK’s commitment to deliver a net zero carbon economy. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate.

A message from the Chair of the Net Zero APPG

Alex Sobel, MP for Leeds North West

“Only if the UK gets on track to Net Zero can it be a world leader in tech, research and manufacturing whilst creating jobs and opportunities. This APPG will play a leading role developing the UK response to the climate emergency and building momentum towards reaching Net Zero by 2050 or sooner"

Alex Sobel MP
Wera Hobhouse MP
Anna McMorrin MP
Helen Hayes MP
Duncan Baker MP
Angus MacNeil MP
Baroness Altmann
Sara Britcliffe MP
Virginia Crosbie MP
Rosie Duffield MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Paul Howell MP
Sir Bernard Jenkin MP
Charlotte Nichols MP
Lord Oates
Alan Whitehead MP
Afzal Khan MP
Alexander Stafford MP
Baroness Bennett
Nigel Evans MP
Rachael Maskell MP
Baroness Northover
Jeff Smith MP