Accelerating Transition to Net Zero Transition with Geotab


To deliver Net Zero by 2050 – or sooner there needs to be far greater public and consumer awareness and information about how to transition to carbon-neutral alternatives. To achieve the Government’s 2030 target to ban the sale of internal combustion engines there needs to be a clear plan on how to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Greener technologies and innovation will advance progress in the next 5 to 10 years but the transition to electric and low carbon vehicles will be slower and more challenging unless businesses and consumers see electrification as a realistic, affordable and accessible choice.

This roundtable Net Zero APPG session looked at how the UK can accelerate the transition and behaviour change from business, the consumer and in our communities in line with the Government’s 2035 delivery plan. In particular, the session de-bunked the myths and change the narrative about Electric Vehicle transition and unpicked what our future relationship with the car will be by 2030 and beyond.

Of course, fleet vehicles represent most of all new car and van sales and the Government’s fleet commitment is to be fully zero-emission at the tailpipe by 2027. In this context, delighted Geotab, a leading enabler of EV fleet transition, supported this Net Zero APPG roundtable which provided a very timely opportunity following COP26 to scale-up debate on how the UK can meet the significant change needed and the challenge ahead.