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Letter to the Secretary of State – Net Zero APPG Myth Busting Report

31 July 2023

Myth-Busting Report Letter

Read our letter to the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, following the launch of our Net Zero APPG Myth Busting Report: 23 for ’23.

Our report and letter serves as a call to action to Government for clarity and informed communications around getting to Net Zero. In doing so, it will be possible to accelerate positive behaviour change and green growth.

Climate Change Committee Report Launch

11 July 2022

On Wednesday 29th June 2022, the Net Zero APPG co-hosted a reception to launch the Climate Change Committee’s annual Progress Report to Parliament.

Speakers included:

  • Rt Hon. Lord Deben, Chair, Climate Change Committee
  • Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
  • Rt Hon. Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Climate and Net Zero Secretary
  • Alex Sobel MP, Chair, Net Zero APPG.

Accelerating Transition to Net Zero Transition with Geotab

28 February 2022


To deliver Net Zero by 2050 – or sooner there needs to be far greater public and consumer awareness and information about how to transition to carbon-neutral alternatives. To achieve the Government’s 2030 target to ban the sale of internal combustion engines there needs to be a clear plan on how to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Greener technologies and innovation will advance progress in the next 5 to 10 years but the transition to electric and low carbon vehicles will be slower and more challenging unless businesses and consumers see electrification as a realistic, affordable and accessible choice.

This roundtable Net Zero APPG session looked at how the UK can accelerate the transition and behaviour change from business, the consumer and in our communities in line with the Government’s 2035 delivery plan. In particular, the session de-bunked the myths and change the narrative about Electric Vehicle transition and unpicked what our future relationship with the car will be by 2030 and beyond.

Of course, fleet vehicles represent most of all new car and van sales and the Government’s fleet commitment is to be fully zero-emission at the tailpipe by 2027. In this context, delighted Geotab, a leading enabler of EV fleet transition, supported this Net Zero APPG roundtable which provided a very timely opportunity following COP26 to scale-up debate on how the UK can meet the significant change needed and the challenge ahead.

Net Zero Roadmap Report Launch

14 December 2021

Yesterday, Alex Sobel MP launched the Net Zero All Parliamentary Group’s Net Zero roadmap report and recommendations in Parliament at an event sponsored by Atkins. The report sets out the critical pathways the UK Government needs to take if it is to accelerate on the road to Net Zero and reach its 2050 destination. If not already seen, click here to download the report.

The Net Zero Roadmap recognises that achieving Net Zero will not be without its challenges. It calls for bold leadership and vision so that the UK can genuinely lead the way on the road to Net Zero – and for Government to invest in incentives to trigger and accelerate behaviour change by businesses and consumers.

We, of course, welcome the Government’s statutory target to reach net zero by 2050, but as our Net Zero Roadmap makes clear, the Government’s Net Zero Strategy must go further and faster, if we are going to meet the scale of the challenge ahead.

Post COP26, the Net Zero APPG Roadmap Report was updated to highlight the key policy gaps where the Government needs to do more to embed its pledges. Specifically, it calls for immediate emission reductions, planning and investment to address the “final 25%” challenge of emissions in the UK’s hard-to-abate sectors in order to ensure a just and socially inclusive transition.

In 2022 where we will look at what the UK needs to do to accelerate decarbonisation and deliver the behaviour and policy change needed.

Net Zero APPG: Reaction to the Government’s plan to decarbonise transport

14 July 2021

The Net Zero APPG held a session on the Hard to Abate sectors ahead of the Government’s long awaited, Transport Decarbonisation Plan, published today (14 July 2021).

Given the importance of aviation and shipping to international trade, travel and investment, the decarbonisation of shipping and aviation will be crucial if the Government is to reach its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – or sooner.

The Net Zero APPG welcomes the Government’s proposals to decarbonise aviation and shipping and the Secretary of State for Transport ,Grant Shapps’, commitment to the ‘rapid development of technologies in a way that maintains the benefits of air travel and maximises the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring for the UK.’

However, it is clear from the NZ APPG’s hard to abate debate that we need to go further and faster if we are going to meet Net Zero by 2050 or sooner.  Speaking in the opening session, Lord Deben, Chair of the Climate Change Committee said, “we don’t really know quite how serious aviation emissions are” and that the environmental impact of air travel is likely to be more serious than expected but that the Government had at least recognised the problem which was a start.

The Hard to Abate debate brought together experts, academics and MPs from all parties to look at how we can overcome challenges and barriers and transition to more sustainable aviation and shipping and what our ports and airports can do to unlock the green recovery and unlock the transition to greener more sustainable transport, travel and trade.

Speaking in the Mini Session on Aviation and Shipping, Dr Andy Jefferson, from Sustainable Aviation said there is a lot the aviation industry can  and is doing to reduce emissions, including planning more direct routes to avoid additional fuel use, avoiding congestion on flight paths to reduce instances where planes have to wait to land, and using big data to predict weather conditions.

Matthew Grigor from Associated British Ports said that the Government’s decarbonisation plans would be welcome but that the Government need “to take advantage of the UK’s strengths in the maritime sector to support green growth, jobs and skills in technology and shipbuilding” to decarbonise shipping.

The findings and recommendations from all our evidence sessions will be published in our Net Zero Roadmap Report ahead of the COP26 Conference in November.


10 November 2020

Decarbonisation Report Launch: Putting Net Zero at the Heart of UK Policy

THE ECONOMIC CHALLENGES: How do we make the zero carbon and green recovery happen?

BUILDING NET ZERO HOMES AND COMMUNITIES: Accelerating the low carbon transition across the built environment

DECARBONISING TRANSPORT: Accelerating net zero transition, innovation and infrastructure

GENERATING NET ZERO ENERGY: Accelerating decarbonisation and transition




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Unlocking Investment, Innovation and Incentives
17:00-18:30, 11th December 2023
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Net Zero Roadmap Report Launch

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14:00-15:00, Tuesday 3oth November 2021 – Full recording available here

Labour Party and Conservative Party Conference 2021

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Will devolving power accelerate Net Zero ambitions in cities and regions? Chaired by Helen Hayes MP

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Are we on the road to a zero carbon economy and a green recovery?

15:00-16:30 Tuesday 9th March 2021 – Full recording available here.

WS1: Decarbonisation Series

Decarbonisation Report ‘Putting Net Zero at the heart of future UK Policy’ Launch

14:00-15:30 Tuesday 10th November 2020. Recording available here.

How do we make the zero carbon economy and green recovery happen?       

15:00 – 17:00 Tuesday 30th June. Recording available here.

Building Net Zero Homes and Communities: Accelerating the low carbon transition across the built environment

15:00 – 17:00 Tuesday 9th June 2020. Recording available here.

Decarbonising Transport: Accelerating net zero transition, innovation and infrastructure

15:00 – 17:00 Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Recording available here.

Generating Net Zero Energy: Power and Industry: Accelerating decarbonisation and transition

16:00 – 17:30 Monday 18th May 2020. Recording available here.

Net Zero APPG Parliamentary Launch Reception

21st January 2020, 16:00 – 18:00, Churchill Room, House of Commons.

Inaugural meeting of the Net Zero APPG

14th January 2020, 12:30-13:00, W2 House of Commons.

Can Britain lead an innovative and sustainable future in a competitive global marketplace?

19th December 2019, 10.00-12.00, Macmillan Room, Portcullis House.

Is energy market reform the key to unlocking a low carbon, secure and affordable future?

21st November 2019, 14.00-16.00, Committee Room 11, House of Commons.

Vision10 Green and Smart Cities: Can Devolution drive a low carbon future? 

24th April 2019, 10.30-12.00pm, Committee Room 10, House of Commons.

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